“I Don’t Like Green Food”

underdeveloped taste buds

There’s a wonderful little scene in the extended version of Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” movie where Thorin’s company of dwarves arrives at Rivendell, elven-home of Elrond.

In modern terms, it’s like a bunch of burger-gorging bikers being dropped in the middle of a laid-back but wealthy northern California vegetarian commune. Not only do they have to endure soothing harp music with apparently no beat, but there is no meat either.

Ori, the youngest dwarf (he wears mittens and cardigans knitted presumably by his mother) sums it all up in one simple sentence:

“I don’t like green food.”

We laugh, because we’ve all been that child at one point. Even if you liked greens (and I haven’t yet met anyone who admits loving greens as a kid) there’s always one food that most children hate.

As one grows older, taste buds change. We literally develop more taste buds and can appreciate more flavors.

If you’ve been ignoring greens for years, start re-introducing them into your diet with spinach. Even if you still don’t like raw spinach, here’s a secret: When you add a cup of fresh baby spinach to any sort of fruit smoothie, the spinach flavor completely disappears. It’s an inert substance: In fact, most people don’t even detect any “green” taste.

A fruit smoothie with spinach added is, simply, delicious. And if you have it first thing in the morning, you’ve helped yourself to a generous serving of vitamins C, A and B-6 (and all at only an extra 7 calories and 1.1 g. carbohydrate) before your day has even officially begun.

If you don’t believe me, try my Simple Spinach Smoothie for yourself.

10 thoughts on ““I Don’t Like Green Food””

  1. Spinach adds amazing flavor to a smoothie. My daughter will only eat spinach in soup, but the wonderful thing is she DEMANDS it in her soup.

  2. I LOVE spinach! I love it as a salad, dips, and every which way although to be frank, I’ve not tried them creamed 😉 Spinach is about the only vegetable my kiddos will eat voluntarily.

    1. Creamed spinach is the only way I don’t like spinach, Lynette. Though I am working on a spinach crepe recipe that might include Very Nearly Creamed.

  3. Marya, how much do I LOVE this blog??!! THHIIISSSSS MUUUCHHHH! hahaha good for you …you are such a proponent for healthy FRESH foods and I love the way you ALWAYS inspire us in the FRESH Start Community! Can’t wait to follow along and support this fun blog!

    1. Thanks, Bess. 🙂 I appreciate the great resources and information at the Fresh Start community–they sure helped me shift my eating habits painlessly. And there is so much support in the Fresh Start Facebook group, it is really fun to be a part of (as well as healthy!)

  4. LOL! I will confess as a child I did not like spinach or endive, but I LOVED broccoli and a lot of other vegetables. 🙂

    My Mom used to make a wilted spinach salad that I ate without a lot of enjoyment (it DID contain bacon fat), but until I was an adult I don’t think I had anything but frozen or canned spinach, improperly washed, and my main childhood memory of spinach was of grit, which still horrifies me.

    Now that I can wash my OWN fresh spinach, I feel very differently about it!

    1. I am glad you feel differently about it. I too hate the “grit” thing–and my early experiences with spinach (when my British mother boiled and boiled it) were of.. sliiiime. But I agree, freshly washed, fresh spinach is lovely.

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